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VFX Supervisor

As VFX Supervisor in Casablanca Effects, I am responsible for projects involving VFX from the budget to delivery. When necessary I assist the Director in planning the shooting and supervision on set.

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Technical Director

I am responsible for the choice of techniques and tools to build the effects needed in each project. Also using mel, python, C or C++ I can program custom tools for the team.

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Lighting and Rendering Artist

From a packshot, to animated characters or a realistic explosion I can light and render it. Using Maya or Houdini and rendering with Mantra, Mental Ray, Maxwell, Arnold or Renderman.  



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Head of 3D Department, VFX Supervisor, Rendering Artist and CG Generalist at Casablanca Effects since November 2014. With almost 20 years of experience in VFX and Computer Graphics. I already worked in some of the best production houses and studios in Brazil.



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